Bread with garlic butter 4,00
Vegetable soup with little meatballs 6,00
Tomato soup with cream 6,00
Mushrooms fried in garlic butter with toast 7,50
Prawn cocktail with Dutch shrimps served with a whisky sauce 9,50 

Main menu:

Stamppot: mashed potatoes with vegetables, with a sausage or a meatball 14,50
Farmer Chickenschnitzel with onions,mushrooms, bacon, salad and farmer fries 18,00
Chicken sate with homemade peanutsauce, salad and fries 16,50
Fried mussels with onions, Dutch yellow curry and white wine, salad and fries 17,00
Dutch steak (most famous in Amsterdam) with salad and fries 18,00
Dutch farmer steak with onions and mushrooms with salad and fries 19,50


Maxima: grand dessert from our Queen Maxima, with delicious Dutch treats                    6,50


Do you know that we have our own Jordaan Liqueur?


Jordaan Likeur shots   2,50 


All our liquers and jenevers have dialect names from the famous Jordaan neighbourhood, where this restaurant is located.

Our Jordaan liqueurs an Jenevers are distilled for us in the tradional Dutch way. Only organic ingredients are used. 

Please see our Jordaan liqueur menu, for all the flavours.