Breakfast / Lunch all fresh and with love prepared

Coffee with apple pie 7,25
Coffee with lava cake 7,25

Toasted sandwich with cheese 4,00
Toasted sandwich with cheese ham and tomato 4,50
Toasted sandwich with cheese, onions and tomato 4,50 
Farmers fries with mayonaise or kethup 3,75
Half smoked sausage, very famous in Amsterdam 4,75
Meatball with homemade peanut sauce 5,50
Farmersandwich sausage with onions and bacon 6,00
Mushroom baked in garlicbutter with bread 7,50
2 Homemade croquettes with 2 slises of bread 8,50
Clubsandwich chicken, cheese, ham, bacon, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, chips 9,50
Clubsandwich vega: cheese, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, fried egg, paprika chips 9,50

English breakfast on a Dutch way

Young brown split peas, fried egg, sausage with bacon and onions and farmer fries 12,50


Fried eggs with bacon, cheese and tomato 8,50
Scrambled eggs with bacon, cheese and tomato 8,50
Dutch omelet: mushrooms, onions, paprika, ham, bacon and cheese 8,50 
Vegetable omelet, mushrooms, onions, paprika and cheese 8,50 

Burgers (with fries + 3,00)

Beefburger with lettuce tomato cucumber onions 11,00
Chickenburger lettuce tomato cucumber onions, 11,00
Cheeseburger lettuce tomato cucumber, cheese 11,50
Baconburger lettuce tomato cucumber onions, bacon 11,50
Veggie lettuce tomato cucumber onions and cheese 11,50


Granny’s vegetable soup with meatballs and bread 6,00
Tomatosoup with cream, served with bread 6,00

Dutch stamppot tastery

3 traditional Dutch stamppots in mini panns with bacon, gravy, sausage and granny's stewed beef

Dishes with meat or fish

Stamppot: mashed potatoes with vegetables, smoked sausage, bacon, gravy 14,50
Chickenschnitzel with salad and fries 16,50
Farmer Chickenschnitzel with onions and mushrooms and bacon 18,00
Chicken sate with homemade peanut sauce, salad and fries 16,50
Fried mussels with onions, Dutch yellow curry and white wine 17,00
Dutch steak (most famous in Amsterdam) with salad and fries 18,50
Dutch farmer steak with onions and mushrooms 19,50

Dutch Salads

Goat cheese: tomato’s, nuts, bacon, and honeymustard sauce 12,50
Chicken: bacon, egg, cheese tomato’s, nuts and mum’s special dressing 12,50
Farmer salad; cheese, bacon. egg, cucumber, tomato, red onion and dressing 12,50

Small bites

Ballcroqettes 8,50
Cheese fingers 9,50

Cheese platter 14,00
3 types of Dutch cheese, Cheese fingers mustard and pickles

Dutch tastery 14,00  
Cheese sticks, Old Amsterdam cheese, beef ball croquettes,
cooked sausage, liver sausage, Amsterdam yellow onions  


Naturel 6,00
With bacon 6,50
With cheese 6,50
Tiny puff pancakes with powdered sugar and butter 5,00

For the little kids

Fries and apple sauce, with choice of croquette, sausage, chickenburger or chicken sate  8,50

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